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Life is amazing …it can surprise you …indulge you…or bring you to tears at any moment …yesterday you may be on one path ..today something different you may cross ..sending you facing a different direction…..Its what you do from this point ..
that matters the most …
chance enlightens our inhibitions


Our world


Over population at its best 

The Way I Am


If you knew me and my past….You’d know how it all began

You’d understand me & why … I am … the way I am.

Was just a little country gal…Who longed to be liked..

Who needed to fit in… like the spokes on a little bike.

Not the first to be on my own… or to be unlucky in love

Not the first to come from a broken home…or to lose a precious bub..

Just wanted to be accepted for the person that I am

Never wanted to be changed …and fought to stay the same

So forgive me if I’m stubborn …forgive me if I’m blunt

Forgive me when i need attention … or just simply to be loved..

For I’ve cried a bucketful of tears... & dealt with hurtful truths

I’ve faced a lot of unsure fears … & spent time without a roof..

So if you don’t understand ..just ask me one on one

Why I am the way i am ..& where I have come from …..




When i look at my life …
I’ve followed my heart,
so many more times than my head…

When i look at my life …
I’ve loved and lost
and probably followed much more than I lead…

When I look at my life…
I know that my choices
have always nearly been mine…

When I look at my life
I can see that fate knows
my destination way before time…

Pelicans at Tweed

100_4128© Meagan Lesley


The wonders of the ‘ Golden Ratio ‘

© Meagan Lesley

An attitude which consists of gratitude, ensures that our attention is on what we want

     So seeing ourselves as living abundantly and richly by recognizing what we already have

        Will set up a flow of good things to come our way ….



Life wasn’t meant to be easy

But you have to live it … your own way

Make the most of every moment

Each and every day …

If the world was meant to be simple

What challenges would we have

If our hearts were never broken

We would not know how to love …

If we are not taught Integrity

Morals and respect

Then how do we know to treat others

In the way they all expect …

Because our mind, body, soul

Ability & intuition

Is always only limited

To our own inhibitions …

So listen to your consciousness

Be truthful all the time

Let good thoughts always guide you

And your life will be refined …

© Meagan Lesley

More Snaps from our Garden

100_3850Paw Paw Tree


© Meagan Lesley

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